Destiny RX-10F 3.0 Front Wheel Drive Touring Car


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Product Overview

All New Design for Destiny RX-10F 3.0 Front Wheel Drive Touring Car.


  • New graphite rear lower arm to increased rear caster.
  • New spring steel front metal bushing double joint drive shaft.
  • New Interchangeable front and rear upper aluminum bulkheads.  Front caster 4/5 deg, rear caster 5/4 deg adjustable by different orientation of bulkheads.
  • New lower bulkheads install with upper bulkheads with centering insert and make more reliable.
  • New aluminum adjustment ball bearing hub.
  • New motor mount with Multi-Flex Chassis adjustment.
  • Low friction drive belt (78T).
  • New lightweight alum solid layshaft.  Spur gear removal easily.
  • New 38T gear differential with spring steel differential cup.
  • New 7075 aluminum steering center plate and steering arms with ball bearings.
  • 7075 aluminum lightweight low profile floating servo mount.
  • Swap the graphite battery holders to change the battery forward/backward position.Quick release battery backstop and height adjustable to compatible difference size battery.Battery placement fully fine adjustable.


  • Interchangeable 3mmgraphite lower arm for left and right.
  • Smooth movement suspension by hard coated 5mm lower arm pivot balls and high quality bushing.
  • Graphite lower arm length (track width) adjustable by difference orientation of steering block pivot ball holder, four length was selectable by two different holders.
  • Front and rear aluminum lower shock mount.
  • Front and rear steering block made by high grade 7075 aluminum and interchangeable.
  • Front and rear steering plate swap for two difference steering response setup.
  • Large size 6x11x4mm ball bearing used in inner of steering block for more reliable and efficiency.
  • Mounted the pivot balls by screws through a groove and a thread on bulkhead.  Upper arm free movement adjustable for active caster setting simply.
  • Laser engraved marking on bulkhead for easy identify differential position.
  • Lower position of front and rear anti-roll bar mounting.
  • Shock tower composed by two pieces, easy installation and tweak free alignment.
  • Precise shock angle adjustment by shim.
  • Shock tower mounted to chassis for more stability and improved the traction.
  • 7075 aluminum lightweight hardened wheel hub.


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  • 5
    Smooth build and quality parts feel.

    Posted by Joe Drury on Jul 22nd 2023

    Got this to add to my collection and compare to the other FWD’s I have. I’m just going to speak about the build for now, I haven’t put electronics in it yet, but the build was smooth. Instructions are really good, and are detailed by explaining what can be adjusted and what it affects. Nice touch right there as you’re building that particular area. Kit is packaged well, and labeled well. No odd parts out with the exception to all of the hardware being in one bag. Personally I like this as it is all separated. Speaking of hardware, this kit comes with some nice screw. Flat top shouldered M3x6mm were a nice touch. Gives a different look to the car. The instructions are on USB card, and are just nice. The alloy parts are nice and smooth, holes are all tapped well, and just overall have a quality feel. There are no fluids with this kit, and I thank Destiny for this. I never use kit oils, and I have a ton of little half used bottles laying around of oils I’ll never use. Thank you! Plastics are nice and solid, seem to be a decently hard composite. There really is nothing to complain about with the kit and build, it’s very nice and it went together quickly. I’m looking forward to getting some electronics in it and seeing how it compares to my other Fronties.