Destiny RX-10SR 3.0R Competition Touring Car Kit


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Product Overview

New parts for Destiny RX-10SR 3.0R Touring Car.

  • New high grade graphite main chassis.  Manufactured by RC Maker.
  • New Lightweight front spool set.
  • New Lightweight rear gear differential set.
  • New titanium camber screw M3x18mm.
  • 3x7x2mm aluminum lower arm spacer set.
  • New graphite front and rear steering plate set able to make two difference response setup.
  • New single piece upper deck.
  • New wave shape graphite front brace.


All New Design for Destiny RX-10SR 3.0 Touring Car.

  • Interchangeable lower arm for front, rear, left and right.
  • Smooth movement suspension by hard coated 5mm lower arm pivot balls andhigh qualitybushing.
  • Graphite lower arm length (track width) adjustable by difference orientation of steering block pivot ball holder, four length was selectable by two different holders.
  • Front and rear aluminum lower shock mount.
  • Front and rear steering block made by high grade 7075 aluminum and interchangeable.
  • Large size 6x11x4mm ball bearing used in inner of steering block for more reliable and efficiency.
  • Spring steel front double joint drive shaft, and 7075 aluminum rear swing shaft.
  • Interchangeable front and rear upper aluminum bulkheads.Front caster 4/5 deg, rear caster 0/1 deg adjustable by different orientation of bulkheads.
  • Mounted the pivot balls by screws through agroove and a thread on bulkhead.Upper arm free movement adjustable for active caster setting simply.
  • 7075 aluminum lower bulkheads install with upper bulkheads with centering insert and make more reliable.
  • Laser engraved marking on bulkhead for easy identify differential position.
  • Lower position of front and rear anti-roll bar mounting.
  • Single piece design motor mount with Multi-Flex Chassis adjustment. Featured adjustable front and rear belt tensioners and battery backstops.
  • Shock tower composed by two pieces, easy installation and tweak free alignment.
  • Precise shock angle adjustment by shim.
  • Shock tower mounted to chassis for more stability and improved the traction.
  • 7075 aluminum lightweight hardened wheel hub.
  • 7075 aluminum steering center plate and steering armswith ball bearings.
  • 7075 aluminum lightweight floating servo mount.
  • Power HD S15X servo is able to mounted directly.
  • Swap the graphite battery holders to change the battery forward/backward position.Quick release battery backstop and height adjustable to compatible difference size battery.Battery placement fully fine adjustable.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review