OE1 Mark II Competition ESC (2 Cell)


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Product Overview

This is the ESC used in Dumper's personal 21.5 TC (Well, you would be buying a new one, not the actual one that is actually in my car). This is also what Mike Gee uses and that guy is kinda good......


– Brushless System
– Multiple Adjustable Parameters use optional program card

– Suport Bluconn wireless adaptor optional

– Build in Capacitors

– Polarity Reverse Protection

– BEC : 8A 6V / 7V

– Peak Current 760A

– Motor limited over 3.5T
– Motor Type : Brushless sensored 540 size Motor
– Voltage input : DC 6V – 9V
– 2cells LiPo / 2-3cells LiFe
– Dimesions : 31(L) x 35(W) x 19.8(H) mm
– Weight : 43.3g excluded wires



(No reviews yet) Write a Review